Formally trained as a Graphic Design artist specialising in illustration, Cheryl Petersen courageously tapped into her childhood love of drawing to realise a dream – having her own gallery. Cheryl Petersen Galleries is based in Somerville, on the Mornington Peninsula where Cheryl is one of a number of resident artists. She also offers classes to pass on her passion to others, “I really want to encourage people to do what they truly want to do. To take some risks. To reach for the stars.”

DACE "People's Choice" winner 2 years in a row (2010 and 2011), Cheryl ‘paints from the heart’.  Rich, vibrant, organic lines dance from her acrylic and mixed media canvases and glow with optimism, “I want things on my wall that make me happy, don’t you?”.

Her use of acrylic and mixed media, including gold leaf, brings depth to the voice of her paintings. “I like to capture spontaneity as it flows free   ̶   yet I’m often surprised by the insight that other people share with me about a particular work that speaks directly to them.”

A Cheryl Petersen art work is sure to bring warmth to wherever it is housed.