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Our DACE 2017 Award Winners...


We saw some terrific work exhibited this year in our 42nd year of DACE. Congratulations to our very talented winners and thank you to our esteemed guest judges Narelle Russo, Emily Wapling,
Christine McDonald and our brilliant Diamond Sponsors. 


Best in Show - Eliza Grostate - “Poolside” 

Best Traditional - Nadine Dudek - “Sunlit”

Best Modern - Kathie Mathes - “Navy Protea”

Best Mixed/Other - Gabrielle Young - “Morning Fog"

People's Choice - Jacqueline Karney "Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go"

Eview Award of Excellence in Art – Christine Sharp - “Moody Blue”

Steelscape & Underground Winemakers “Small works” Award - Claire McCall - “Watching the Waves”

Blue Bay Cheese Award of Excellence in Jewellery – Nicole Hulme & Shane Belyea

360South Award of Excellence in Craft - Russ Brebner - “Bertie Beetle”

Best Glass/Ceramic – Robyn Saunders

Best Timber – Lesley Jobling

Best Textile – Debbie Cox

Best Sculpture – Russ Brebner - “Bertie Beetle”

Best Jewellery – Pamela Mujica

Highly Commended – Zhonghua Fan - “Life in the Blue”

Highly Commended – Beth Gibbeson - “Abundance”

Highly Commended – Mary Hennekam - “Poppy Pods”

First Frost
First Frost
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