Lydia Ben-Natan

Lydia Ben-Natan leaves behind the image, technique and expressive 
limitations of traditional landscapes.Painting raw and lush scenes that flow in and out of abstraction derived purely from her imagination 
and the artistic processes that unfolds organically with each brush stroke.


Her works are the landscapes of an inward world enriched by mood and emotion. Large-scale raw semi-realistic expressionist representations; 
earthy hues, dripping paint and considered textural effects combined with  progressive methods define her evolving signature style.


Intuitively choosing colours to depict mood she uses bold, gestural brush strokes, palette knife and dripping techniques to pull the viewer 
into the landscape urging them to look and want more.


Her works have a strong sense of direction as well as an element of mystery that evoke emotion and nostalgia in its audience. 
Working predominately inacrylic, andon large canvases, Lydia Ben-Natan was born in New Zealand and is now a full-time artist based in Melbourne since 2001.



Susan Swenser

Susan graduated from the Swinburne University with an honours degree in design. She worked as a graphic designer and illustrator eventually deciding to invest more time into her passion of textile and fibre art.


Her love grew from 2 dimensional wall pieces into 3 dimensional sculptural pieces which appeared to escalate in scale, until they finally evolved into the large sculptural pieces Susacreates today. The pieces have also become more elaborate by nature and by surface design. The pieces are a multi-layering of fabric, hand sewn stitches and

applied embellishments. The characters themselves have evolved in their characteristics and expression.


Stylistically, her work aims for a feel of imperfection and haphazardness which gives each piece more life, soul and character.

Susans textile sculptures and collectible toys aspire to reconnect her audience to the forgotten joys of their childhood. Her characters are quirky and often a little curious or strange. They use a playful combination of bold colour and deelayers of material texture. Each piece seeks to hold the viewer captive in an imaginary world of wackiness and wonderment, where fantasy becomes the real, and another story begins to unfold in some odd and peculiar childlike world. The use of old-fashioned woolen blankets give her characters an endearing softness which helps hold the viewer in a place of gentle remembrance of being safely tucked into a cozy bed before slipping into a world of bizarre lands and animated adventures.



Jennie Riley

Jennie Riley designs pieces of stunning bespoke jewellery that are ever changing and evolving in style and inspiration.


Jennie’s talents and artistic flare are seen 

through her art, fashion, textiles and most prolific of all, her jewellery. With a careerstarting in fashion and later transitioning into jewellery we can see "Strong geometricshapes, striking colour and an organic influence being distinctive 
characteristics within her designs”. 


Her work evokes a sense of colour and vibrancy that results in a fantastic array of unique pieces. They are both graphically strong and endearingly playful, whimsical embodying a sense of pure joy of object, texture, colour and craft. 


Jennie’s work is available across Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, 
Melbourne, Adelaide, as well as across the World.

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