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2015 Award Winners List


Each year, art, craft and jewellery are judged by guest judges and awarded prizes under different categories. Here is a list of our award winners from 2015.


Best in Show - Wayne Foenander 'Big Ship 1' 

Best Modern - Julie Webster 'Lara' 

Best Traditional - Elena Kolutusha 'Gifts of the Redland' 

Best Mixed/Other - Libby Schreiber 'When Size Matters' 

Small Works Award - Kylie Sirett 'Kitchen Classics'

Best Jewellery - Lisa Hass

Best Sculpture - Andrew Bryant 'Centred' 

Best Timber - Richard Amy 'Coffee Table' 

Best Ceramic/Glass - Roberta Easton 'Glass Vase' 

Best Textile - Susan Swenser

Bay City Holden Award of Excellence in Art - Maureen Whitaker

Biggin & Scott Award of Excellence in Craft - Andrew Bryant

Bendigo Bank - Mt Eliza Award of Excellence in Jewellery - Craig Swindells

Highly Commended - Warwick Hillis 'Bird in the Hand'

Highly Commended - Victoria Pierre-Humbert 'Humbees'

Highly Commended - Yanni Rigos 'Jewellery Box'

Highly Commended - Jennie Alderton 'Jewellery'

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